Get to Know the Founder!

Get to Know the Owner! Here are some fun tidbits about me and what I've learned along the way to 33 years! 

What is your favorite Color? Toss up between Black and Pink... Black because it's classic and looks great on everyone and Pink because it speaks fun free-spirited love

Biggest Weakness? Reality TV.. sucks me in every time! To name a few "Don't be Tardy", "Real Housewife's of Orange County", "Flip or Flop" , etc. etc.

Favorite Food? Seafood! Especially Salmon, shrimp, everything! :)

Favorite Quotes? "Positive thoughts generate positive feelings & attract positive life experiences" "Simplicity is the key note of true elegance"

Biggest Motivators in Life~ To grow as a person each and every day, never stop going or believing. My family is everything to me, they will always come first, I believe the rest will follow. Successful family + Successful business= Successful LIFE :)

What makes me happy? Of course my husband and kids :) Starting Pink Luxe Boutique...Giving inspiration & confidence to women, helping them feel beautiful about themselves and the clothes they choose... Every single person should feel beautiful if not then change things up whether it's your wardrobe, eliminating something or someone in your life that is a negative influence :) We should all be living life to full potential.

Favorite Moment in Life~ Marrying the Love of my Life! Seriously I don't think it gets any better than that! Growing together is the best feeling in the world!
Now you know a little bit more about Erica (me)! I love what I do and love what my life stands for~ We all have choices in life to make~ choose wisely, have fun in life~live life, dream big & bigger, never stop believing & stay Humble! To me that is success... :)